Social Media Influences YOU to Live Beyond Your Means

AMERICA, USA–When scrolling social media you will notice people you don’t care about trying to impress you with their contrived best, the most filtered and most beautiful parts of their lives as they depict them.

Now more than ever is the time to realize that the tool that is social media is the ultimate consumerism, the ultimate peer pressure, to convince you there are no flaws or fault in spending beyond your means. Wrong!

Millions upon millions try to get their perfected portraits up too, using credit cards and buying trips and coffee beverages they cannot afford in order to finance their image, to compete in a made-up game, to impress others doing the same thing.

The time is now to live within your means and without social media. Move beyond the unrealistic and the unattainable and step into a reality of improving your personal finance and your real life relationships.

Build your beach house.


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