Welcome to the Students and Tuition blog.  This site was started as a pet project while I was studying English in college.  After graduation, Students and Tuition has spiraled into what it is today: for reading purposes only; perhaps, some truth, some fiction, and much thought for all.

This site is dedicated to sharing free concepts, sharing/posting content, and garnering higher community thought on the ever increasing cost of education, life, and experience in the Untied States; also, on whatever I find interesting, pertinent, powerful, transcending, and important, during and after my college experience (and beyond)…

Thanks in advance for reading, donating, sharing, expressing, and commenting on my creative content.  I really appreciate your time and efforts.  And perhaps, unlike other, bigger media outlets, writers, artists, I really do appreciate your feedback and thought, good or bad.  Thank you again for your precious time.

-Basically the things that I encounter which affect me on this journey we call life.

I am a sedimented being.


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