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12/8/2019–Cars, Cost, and Christmas Trees

At 6:10 am I made coffee and headed downstairs to teach English to students abroad. Again, I thought of the hike in cost that the St Paul City Council approved on Snow Emergency towing, it goes up for 43 %. I wonder how this impacts low-income households in St Paul.

On a similar note, my neighbor Nancy mentioned that her grandson’s Honda had been stolen from out front of her house. She asked if my cameras faced that way. I said “no”. We were coming home from a walk around the block on whatever clear sidewalk we could find. Kids in a big red wagon.

After teaching and double-checking my bank account and stretches, this morning we are going to pick up a Christmas tree. And that is the proper name of it, a Christmas Tree. We are getting it from my wife’s grandmother, Judy. The kids are excited, as am I. It should be an afternoon of the Viking’s game and tree decorating and Sloppy Joes.

St Paul Trash: Vote No!

St Paul Trash & Force Mejure: $35 million Tax Increase?

City of St Paul should use EveryDollar Budgeting App

St Paul: Instead of Another Major Tax Increase of 17.4%, Just Sell our Private Data to Massive Corporations

Collecting Trash… and Your Data.

08/27/2019–St Paul, MN. With trash on the ballot this fall, November 5th, ordinance 18-39., Mayor Carter has issued a stark warning to his citizens: higher taxes for my mistake.

Astonishingly, this is the first time since taking office Mayor Carter has warned of tax increases, though while in office the taxes in St Paul have risen nearly 30 percent, he usually just makes it happen.

Warning of higher taxes and new (well, old) trash hauling freedoms and personal choice on the line, the only true way to atone this grave mistake of local government is to pay for it by giving out our private data to large corporations.

Perhaps, the city tracks our data through dumpster and electronic chips within them, the data is there currently–and probably already collecting valuable information on each resident of St Paul. This data is of HUGE value to retailers and profiteers, maybe multiple millions.

Our private information could be sold to pay off the $27 million mistake made by Carter and Co., making new taxes unnecessary and saving the city council and mayor countenance while appeasing their constituents.

It’s time to do what other big data companies like Facebook, the DMV, Twitter and Google are all doing: profiting off our personal data. It’s 2019 and the resources and technologies are there already.

The government of the city of St Paul has all that it needs to start benefiting off of its great idea of running trash, why wait? Moreover, profits could also supplement a citywide health care for all program.

Save the tax dollars and put them to our depleted roads and bridges. It’s time to sell the citizens data to pay for your immaculate ideology.

St Paul Trash Collection Vote a First Amendment Issue?

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La Crescent to no longer be considered the “Apple Capital” due to religious symbolism


LA CRESCENT, MN. — After five seconds of controversy, the La Crescent City Council has voted to change the historical title of La Crescent, Minnesota, from the “Apple Capital” to just “(something not offensive)” because of a group from far away making apparent (empty) threats in relation to the religious symbolism of apples (the fruit).

Yesterday the decision was made by some primates and invertebrates elected to govern the fine city of La Crescent. Under the new proposal signs with the title will be torn down, erased, and the city will become just that, another city trying not to offend anyone anywhere.

A giraffe in a dress representing the city council said that she believes the members made the right decision to duck and run like cowards, rather than to go on their local beliefs and what they think is right, because “we are sheep.” (–literally some of the members of the council are sheep.)

“Most likely in the long run we will all forget where we come from, forget our big ideas, our hopes and dreams, and eventually forget the idea of La Crescent, the city formerly known as the “Apple Capital.” It is important to forget our heritage and work with those who oppose us even if they don’t know us. Sometimes compromising our ethics and aspirations is better for the strength of the community, sometimes… (inaudible mumbles)…”

The new plan to remove the title will go into effect beginning on the next business day (11/25/15). So, in reality, enjoy the title while it lasts.

“Having just one more special day with the title of “Apple Capital” is like having a really meaningful Band-Aid soon to be ripped off and thrown away.” said one anonymous citizen/optimist.

The controversy of the “Apple Capital” title stems, and branches off from The Opponents of Religious Symbolism Group, also known as (ORSG), rooted on the planet Mars. They embarked on this mission moments before the council decided to give up and leaf the room. They claim that the apple symbolizes Adam and Eve’s fall from the Garden of Eden, and, to them, recollecting the apple image itself can cause serious trauma and mental harm.

“The proposal will go into effect tomorrow. Everyone agrees with what the few of us on city council have to say… Take for instance our decision on frac mining. That’s a hit now, everyone loves it. Pay no mind to the man behind the curtain…” said a giraffe in a dress.