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BREAKING NEWS: No Study Ever finds that your Life is Fated by Pennies, People, and Problems

This week has changed my life. Events unfolded and I became apart of the solution. This fix took up a week, and a majority of my time allotted for other projects. But the things I did learn through experience taught me one thing– oh, and finding pennies and Easter Eggs throughout let me know that I was where I was supposed to be, like everyone else is–it taught me to take it as it comes. Be where I am when I am right here right now.

Firstly, events take place, happen, go down, and unfold beyond our humanly control. (I read a tweet about this: worry is a waste of time, the past is the past, we cannot worry about things we cannot change, etc.) I understand I cannot change the past I can only change the future, hopefully. In this new “special project” I have found that positivity is the only way to move forward together. We must move onward positively together. Getting down or bummed or saddened about something will only hamper your forward progress.

Secondly, everywhere I went this week I was met with a smile–or by the end of the meeting, a smile had fixed a frown or a grimace, at least in most cases. Furthermore, I kept finding pennies placed throughout my experiences. I got lost, found a penny. Someone needed me to do an alternative task, I found a penny. At the train station, found a penny. In this, I don’t believe pennies are lucky. But if I find a lot of pennies, a lot of pennies add up. Or maybe god is buying me a beer, I have no way to knowing. Also, these finds act like checkpoints for my life. Look for your pennies and you will see dollars. Then retrace your steps along that path, how did you come by three cents?! WOW! ūüôā

The most important part to all of this is the worry factor. I read this last night, for a moment. The last few days, I saw people worried, upset, and frustrated. I stayed calm. I have no idea how. I just stayed calm and collected. Because it is how we act during times of uncertainty that matter most. (Someone famous said that, or something similar). Beyond the stress, the unpredictability, I was learning something unique, something new. Something different. It didn’t matter what; but if you are doing something different from your regular routine, you are learning something new. Remember that in a shitty situation that you have never had to deal with before.

Some people could say their week was a wash, many others could call it a major success. And the point here is, this is every week, could be every moment. They did something. They made something happen. The reason this contrast is important is because we can see life in this way every day, or in another way. One day it is shit. One day it is good. Four letters, two different ideas completely. Why can’t they all be good? Why can’t we make it as such? And I think we can. Thought I would share.

You have made it here, right where are you are supposed to be. Now go look for your pennies.


‚ÄėThere is no right to be offended‚Äô; The Similarities in Groups


“Of course, that‚Äôs true. Moral and cultural relativism is a very dangerous phenomenon. What you routinely hear from some extremist Muslim pundits, whether religious or political, is a discourse that is anti-Semitic, homophobic, misogynistic. The same Leftists would not tolerate that coming from any other group. But somehow people turn a blind eye to it because it is coming from this group.” -Salman Rushdie

This passage¬†in particular, although the entire article is well¬†written, sticks out to me as extremely¬†powerful and poignantly relevant to American society today. ¬†I feel that in America this hasty generalization also exists¬†between race, political, and gender groups, and there is no end to the propagation of oppressive institutions by their moral¬†movements. ¬†These acts, prejudices, assumptions, create and ignite a new brand of hatred and separation between a group of individuals that should be united as one, come together to resolve–that is not so different. ¬†I feel that any progress to resolve such conflicts is squelched by the use of stereotypical labels, afforded by those, individuals or groups, who feel slighted, wrong, or subjected to injustice. ¬†The characteristics, actions, and makeup of one person within a group does not absolutely define the group as a whole entirely, no matter which other group suggests this as fact. ¬†In order to work for a positive and peaceful future as one, we must stop using hateful tools of the past in order to create anew, all of us.

Some people are too focused on the differences to see the similarities.

See Article: “There is no right to be offended”

More Truth in Satire: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Predatory Lending (HBO)

Again the general public is exposed to scams and schemes by lenders, which create wealth solely for the lender and debt solely for the borrower. 

When will people in debt be protected? 

Money makes the world go round, even if it puts people off, destroys their credit, and leaves them chained to mounting interest.  However providing a service guised as a remedy for debt is nothing short of despicable. 

Companies like this, Payday Loans, like Big Pharma, exist to create made-up needs, to present to the public something nefarious as innocuous.  Planting the seed of need is the first step in marketing these volatile loans to unsuspecting borrowers.  You need this to attain that mindset is a straight-line logical fallacy- slippery slope, setup for failure, pushed on people through advertising. 

People are stupid.  We all know this.  People are smart.  We all know this.  People in America are obsessed with consuming and materializing; oniomania is the term.  We all know that too. 

So who is to blame? 

I think that by making such a habit easier, borrowing, enabling the function, is the key problem to¬†American debt.¬† People in debt should be punished, in order to get their ducks in a row, to get themselves back on their feet; however, lenders influencing these actions/functions should also be punished for providing “relief” with ulterior motives. ¬† ¬†

There is no risk for the lender; the borrower assumes all of the penalties.  Who suffers the foreclosures?  Not the fucking banks.  

When will the government take action and close these horrible establishments for good, for the better of the economic state, and end mal-business practice? 

Avoid PayDay Loans, and all loans (out of want; not necessity) in general. 

Does your government work against your financial security, or for your financial security?  Also, we must ask ourselves the same question.  Do we take fiscal responsibility for our lifestyles, or do we neglect details and live beyond our means? 

Thinking about Rethinking the use of Solitary Confinement

MPR News: Rethinking the use of solitary confinement

For social purposes I agree with rethinking solitary confinement.  One of the reasons I believe this is a move for progress- I mean actually, people are talking about it, and these inmates lack a voice; they sit behind walls, waiting for change- is because one cannot be subjected to long-term isolation without suffering grave mental affects.

Human beings are social creatures, not allowing a natural behavior such as communication to transpire only makes the subject worse off.  Locking someone in a room for a long period of time makes it incredibly hard for that subject to be assimilated back into society, safely, sans adverse reaction.

I am for progressive corrections, bettering the lifestyles of those behind bars in hopes that they are rehabilitated, and can, one day, be a contributing member of the community.  It seems a waste of time, money, and resources to just allow those in correctional facilities to rot.

We pay for these institutions, and the services they provide, it comes from American tax dollars.  This is money that could be spent on health care and education, respectively.

Lobbyists and the MMBA control Sunday Liquor Sales in MN


This association, the MMBA, controls liquor sales in Minnesota, which creates a business monopoly for certain liquor stores, and allows, legally, through oppressive law, the squandering of our local economy, which also inhibits the ability for millions of Minnesotans to vote with their dollar.

We pay taxes seven¬†days a week, why can’t we vote with our dollar¬†seven days a week?

What the MMBA does is pay legislators to take competition out of liquor sales in Minnesota, enabling them to control the market- essentially creating a business monopoly for specific corporations, while restricting others.  This monopoly makes it easy for those few to make a profit, while limiting and sanctioning newcomers, and those willing to work throughout the week (specifically on Sunday).

“Each year, Minnesota’s municipal beverage facilities generate approximately $300 million in sales and contribute approximately $20 million in net-profits to various city funds.” -MMBA

What does “various city funds” mean? ¬†Is that a euphemism for Legislators? ¬†Or payment for the creation, and survival of laws which benefit the companies donating the funds?

Minnesota legislators are controlled by money not voter interest.  Put Sunday Sales on the ballot and see where Minnesotans really stand on their issues.

Make sure to have a look at all of the corporate sponsors which control the local government, at:

MMBA Official Site

Be sure to thank them for limiting your freedoms, and promoting, ironically, big government control over the citizens of Minnesota.