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Paris: Highway Robbery; Saudi prince robbed in Paris after motorcade held at gunpoint

Saudi embassy in Paris

The Guardian- Saudi prince robbed in Paris after motorcade held at gunpoint

          How could the thieves get away with “thousands of pounds” of a Saudi prince’s valuables and secret documents?  Do people not realize that thousands of pounds would weight a lot?  No human being could lift thousands of pounds.

           Firstly, paper is naturally very light-weight; there must have been millions of papers with the Saudi prince at the time of this crime.  This story is so incredible, OMG!  This story absolutely has to be made up; there is no way that “The eight attackers,” could get away with so much weight in valuables, specifically paper.  The media must be lying…

          Also, how could money and ‘sensitive documents’ weigh as much as- and I quote, ‘thousands of pounds’?  It just doesn’t seem possible, let alone practical.  These attackers must have been some of the most ripped ninja bodybuilders, or professional wrestlers, in existence.  Furthermore, the attackers literally carried off three occupants of the vehicle, with their bare hands, while toting machine guns and bazookas. 

          Why do we allow people to do this?  Isn’t Paris the city of LOVE?

          The investigating police are looking for basic leads and more information.  Moreover, they are not releasing the name of the embarrassed and ashamed prince, because he is completely embarrassed and ashamed. 

          Also, the media and everyone involved knows it’s obviously an inside job.  Only insiders carry bazookas and take hostages with their bare hands.  I am almost certainly positive, in my guestimations, that the prince was not traveling in a lavish limousine, or on a G6 private jet, but rather on an outdated bicycle disguised as an elephant, with three other diplomatic leaders; the attackers were 100 percent tipped off, fact. 

          Next time you are a prince in Paris don’t carry around thousands of pounds of money and secret documents with three other people on a bike.  It’s just not safe.