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Chuck Todd Appears Visibly Distressed on Meet the Press over Mueller Probe Conclusion

AMERICA, USA– On Meet the Press this Sunday, Chuck Todd, a vehement critic of President Trump, appeared visibly distressed over the conclusion of Mueller Probe, which offered no further indictments.

Chuck Todd and guests of the show downplayed that the conclusion of the report isn’t a big deal, even after the program has covered said report non-stop for the last two years.

Todd’s apparent distress could perhaps be linked to the idea that the investigation, or report, is a possible nothing burger and has wasted time and resources of the American people, only benefiting news media and its advertisers.

After the conclusion of the Mueller Probe there is no clear idea of what the news media will now cover to keep audiences interested, especially in relation to criticizing the president.

And because if it’s Sunday after the conclusion of the Mueller Probe, and you despise President Trump at all cost, it’s totally distressed.


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