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We cancelled our #Netflix because you can get most things for free at the #library

I wonder if people know they can get most things for free at the library, even an original series on Netflix… I told my colleague this just before lunch hour yesterday. He seemed surprised. Was I lying, was I crazy, could a person really do this? Ah, yes. To the latter that is. Here’s how I know. Before mentoring last week I was at the public library and saw on the hold shelf: Stranger Things (both seasons). SO, that was what did it for me. Yeah, I could be sad about not getting Netflix exclusives any more, but now I know I can get them at the public library for the cost of having a library card: free. This should be no surprise society, and it was a surprise to me. Again, you can get most things at the library for free if you know what you are looking for, how to ask for it, and who to ask. Everyone wants to help you. Do you want to save money and help yourself? Get it at the library.

R + L = J; The Best Spoiler Ever

I read about this theory a few days ago in class, after eavesdropping on some of my peers.  They told me to just ignore what they said about “r + l = j”.  I did the opposite, I was intrigued, I researched the topic and found it highly engaging.  As I pulled up the link I gasped at the ideas presented.  Perhaps you will as well.  Enjoy!  Spoiler Alert!

I am for Jon Snow.